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First of all caution. If you do not have clear consultation with a professional, and if you are diabetic consult with your doctor before starting to take creatine. Keep in mind that it will mean about 1600 calories a day.

Creatine is an acid produced by the liver and then stored in the muscle fibers. When an effort is made, creatine is released as energy as an immediate fuel for those activities of maximum demand and short duration.

How long does it take to see its effect? Everything is going to depend on the creative that is taken, those people who make load will take less time in seeing their results since they will saturate the deposits. For an ingestion without load, the benefits can be observed between 3-5 days (according to some studies)

How much should be taken? The standard quantity that has always been recommended has been 5 gr. PRE or POST-training. I choose more to make it a little bad individual, in non-obese people = 0.1g / kg body. This means a person of 100kg. Will consume 10g. Of creative, while a person of 70kg will consume 7g. Charging Phase: This can lead to faster results. The charge refers to taking higher doses over a chorus period of time. This will fill the deposits more quickly, and this will lead to an increase in strength and body weight. It is advisable to divide the shots in several at the end of the dci, to avoid gastrointestinal problems. It should be charged for 5-7 days to increase the reserves of your body of creatine, to the point of noticing increase in strength and size.

Maintenance phase: smaller amounts of creatine are taken. After loading for several days, it lowers creatine intake. Once again, the doses may vary depending on your weight or your individual goals, but the typical recommendation is your dose according to your body weight divided by 3 daily doses per day.

For example.

The first dose can be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
A second dose should be taken before eating,
And the third can be after training when the body absorbs nutrients better.
Conclusion: If you are training or preparing for a possible challenge, now may be the best time to give it a try. It has been shown repeatedly that it has no harmful effects (apart from possible stomach pains that can be prevented) provided it is taken following the proper instructions.

And if you do not have clear consultation with a professional.

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