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The battery is the power source of the electric bicycle. It supplies the motor with the electric power necessary to provide assistance to the cyclist. Thus, it is not surprising that the main topic of debate among the professionals of the eBikes are serel of batteries. How are some batteries different from others? What autonomy can reach a battery with a charge? What should I keep in mind during storage time? Thomas Raica, head of technology applications for the customer at Bosch eBike Systems, gives us information and advice.

What are the characteristics of ion batteries?

Thomas Raica: Lithium-ion batteries are the most modern and usual batteries for electric bicycles. Thanks to its great
Energy density can store more energy with a relatively small weight. We use lithium ion technology in all Bosch eBike batteries. Bosch batteries, with a weight of approximately two and a half kilos, are among the lightest on the market, and have the highest energy density.

What is the useful life of a battery?

Thomas Raica: The lithium ion batteries are not light, but also stand out for a long life. Bosch batteries are designed to provide service for many times, kilometers and years. Bosch Battery Management System intelligent and electronic system protects lithium ion batteries
of too high temperatures, overload and deep discharge. However, the service life can not be predicted with
accuracy, since it depends above all on how we use the battery and for how long.

How can you influence the lifespan?

Thomas Raica: To be able to use an eldio battery, as long as possible, the owners of a
So eBike should follow some simple rules of protection, transport and storage. Between them, storage in a dry place and
protection against direct solar radiation at an ambient temperature between approximately 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. The ideal state of charge
of a battery is between 30 and 60 percent. If possible, charging should take place at room temperature. During transport,
It is important to always remove the battery from the eBike and store it in a safe place in the vehicle.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

Thomas Raica: The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery: with a normal charger, the PowerPack 300 needs about an hour to charge up to the battery.
half, the PowerPack 400 around 1.5 hours and the PowerPack 500 / PowerTube 500 about two hours. A completely empty PowerPack 300 is completely filled in only 2.5 hours. A PowerPack 400 needs
for it 3.5 hours and the PowerPack 500 / PowerTube 500, 4.5 hours.

What autonomy can a battery with a charge reach? And on what depends the autonomy of a battery?

Thomas Raica: For many eBikers, these are the fundamental questions, for which, however, there are no general answers. The spectrum is broad: with a load you can travel from less than twenty to more than one hundred kilometers. Many different factors influence autonomy: the level of assistance, the driving behavior, the resistance of the
air, the weight of the driver, the tire pressure and, of course, the terrain.
What is the nature of the land? Am I going through a paved road, a side road or a forest track? Are there slopes in my journey or will I always go by terrenollano? All this influences the autonomy of the
drums. If you are planning a route, visit

In it we have prepared an “Autonomy Assistant”, which takes into account various factors and offers a reference value of how many kilometers can be traveled in the specified conditions

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