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How is the correct loading process? Thomas Raica:

Batteries with lithium ion cells can be charged for as long as you want, regardless of their state of charge. The management system integrated into the batteries in combination with a Bosch charger protects the battery from overcharging. Interruptions to the charging process do not damage the batteries. Important: the batteries of the eBikes should only be charged with their corresponding charger, otherwise irreparable damage may be caused and the warranty may be lost.

Even after 500 full loads,

the battery has a large capacity.

How often can a battery be charged? Thomas Raica:

Even after 500 full charges, the battery has a large capacity. After, 60 to 70 percent of the initial battery capacity will still be available. During tests carried out by ADAC in the autumn of 2015, it was possible to download and fully charge the battery of a Bosch eBike up to 1,515 times, before it had only 30 percent of its original capacity and therefore could not be used again. . This means that the battery would have lasted up to 57,000 kilometers, that is, a journey equal to one and a half turns to Earth.

Where are the batteries repaired? Thomas Raica:

High-quality lithium-ion batteries, such as Bosch’s PowerPacks, are complex, precision-tuned systems whose repair requires expensive specialized manufacturing facilities. Therefore, a defective battery should almost always be replaced. We recommend the following procedure: first, you should take the distributor to determine if the battery is really defective; for example, if you have a fault in the electronic system. The distributor counts for it with the Battery Management System (BMS) and the DiagnosticTool. If the battery is defective, it is discarded in compliance with safety regulations.

How should batteries be disposed of Thomas Raica:

The specialized trade will take care of the environmentally-friendly and free disposal of Bosch batteries. It will be carried out through the “common battery removal system”. In this way, valuable raw materials are recovered and our resources are protected.

Standard Charger > Compact design and short load times.

Compact Charger > 40% less volume than the Standard Charger.

Fast Charger > The fastest battery charger on the market at the moment.

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