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The comfortable trekking bikes are specially indicated as off-road for excursions or relaxed cruises. To sit relaxed and erect. And with the versatile variety of Active Line Plus drive, the driver takes advantage of a sense of natural gait and an agile and harmonious acceleration. With a torque of 62Nm, a balanced and powerful alternative, the Perfomance Line.


The eMountainbike is indicated for the individual eBike experience in Uphill Flow. In this case, it is also, of course, a driving technique. The Performance Line CX drive system is perfect for sports use on the ground. It is worth equipping it with the Nyon on-board computer for GPS guidance and monitoring of the exercise performed.

In the city

Do you mainly drive on paved roads, whether to work, to buy, to the pool or to the bar? City-Bikes are ideal for these uses. They offer a sitting and erect position. Trekking bicycles are also designed to travel around the city. People who go to work by train do not have to dispense with the electrical impulse either: for them there are compact 20-inch bicycles with an electric motor. The Bosch Active Line offers this type of bicycle a balanced and harmonious assistance, suitable for urban traffic. It is available with a chain or bushing change and optionally with a back-pedal brake function. For additional comfort and safety.

For bike lanes and neighborhood roads

During the weekend you make excursions that get longer and during the holidays you like to ride in the saddle. Do you do sport in march and out in nature but prefer paved roads and streets? For these tasks we offer electric bicycles for excursions. They have sporty ergonomics and luggage can easily be transported in the luggage rack or a backpack. The Perfomance line is aimed at this type of sports-oriented drivers. It is recommended for cyclists who enjoy a powerful drive and like to enjoy more quickly during the trip

Tracks in the mountains

Do you like to pedal on stones and in the countryside as well as in the streets? Is not there anything steep and challenging enough for you? Do you enjoy extending your limits? Then it’s worth buying a high quality eMountainbike with a powerful drive like the Bosch Perfomance Line CX. With a response behavior, a maximum torque of 75Nm and a powerful assistance of up to 300%, it is an eBike drive system on the market. And for better navigation the on-board Nyon all-in-one computer with connectivity for smarphone and an optimal measurement of heart rate.


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