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Sport is health. This is well known. Despite this, there are many people who move little. The reasons are lack of motivation or physical problems, such as overweight. But why is physical activity so important? And how much exercise is healthy? What can the eBike contribute in this regard? Physiotherapist Philipp Hausser gives us the answers.

How important is exercise for wellness and health?

Philipp Hausser: To begin with, I would like to mention a couple of figures: more than half of the German population is overweight. Every year between 400,000 and 500,000 permanent prosthetics are placed in German patients, and the trend is increasing. And almost all Germans suffer back pain at least once in their life. The most frequent cause of health problems, such as overweight or joint problems, is the lack of movement. If we think about the circulatory system, joints or even the brain, sports activities favor the supply of oxygen throughout the body and can slow down the processes of aging and degenerative processes. Exercise keeps us healthy.

How much exercise is healthy?

Philipp Hausser: Daily exercise can prevent diseases. There are indications that even 15 minutes of physical activity per day are enough to increase life expectancy by three years. The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise (that is, with increased pulse and slight fatigue) per week for positive effects. In principle, it can be said that any form of physical activity is better than none.
How do you use the bicycle in your work? Philipp Hausser: Riding a bicycle is very suitable for people to run to cause pain, as it is a sport that allows better control of the load on the joints. In our centers we use the ergometer to re-ride a bicycle, for example, after an operation, to warm up before a session or also for resistance training and to lose weight.

Why is the use of eBike good for your health?

Philipp Hausser: The eBike allows to regulate the effort especially well, which can be adapted to the resistance and health of the cyclist. In this way, the eBike offers patients a great chance to stay active, even after the placement of a prosthesis. In this way they can increase the level of effort little by little. The electric assistance allows to compensate the lack of form to those who are not in good physical condition. In addition, now the eBike is used in professional sports, for example in the national football team for regenerative training or to compensate for the daily practice of football.

How does eBike contribute to keeping us more active?

Philipp Hausser: The eBike assistance effect and the quick results achieved with it can encourage the use of a “sports article” with something more frequently. Also, with the electric bicycle the distances seem shorter. Thus, the eBike can also be used in journeys that would normally be done by car, for example to go and return from home to work or for weekly shopping. Exercise is directly integrated into daily life. Some people may be given additional motivation by an activity measuring bracelet, which accurately shows the results of the training. In the case of the eBike, we have the on-board computer, which can be fixed directly to the handlebar of the bicycle. Everyone should use what motivates them the most. The main thing is to enjoy exercising!

What should we take into account when driving an eBike?

Philipp Hausser: The main requirement to use an eBike is that the cyclist has enough mobility to get on the bike and the appropriate reflexes to cope with traffic situations. People who use an electric bicycle for health reasons should seek advice from professionals and the development of a training program based on a performance test. Also an ergonomic position is an indispensable condition to enjoy and be well on the bike at all times. Therefore, it is best to check the height of the frame, the handlebar and the saddle in the shop and if everything is correctly adjusted.

What speed do I reach? How many kilocalories have I consumed?

The on-board computer for all-in-one eBike can inform the driver of the eBike of relevant fitness data in real time. Nyon calculates the power and energy consumption through the force and frequency of pedaling. And, in addition, in combination with an additional heart rate strap you can even train while always maintaining the correct pulse range. The “personal trainer” does not separate from the handlebar.

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