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Out the dirt. This is especially applicable in some eBike journeys made especially in autumn and winter. But how do you clean the eBike correcta?  What preparations should be made? And what do you have to keep in mind about  all in winter? Bosch adviser Harald Sterzl answers these questions.

What is the best way to clean my eBike? Harald Sterzl:

It depends on how dirty it is. Water is always helpful, as long as it is not applied with a steam device. Applying high pressure to the components of an eBike is the worst thing that can be done, since it could penetrate water into the cavities of the motor, bushing or frame. What cleaning products can I use? Harald Sterzl: Bicycle soaps and specialized products are recommended, as they do not cause corrosion in plastics and joints. You can also use soapy water or detergent, but can not be aggressive or have an anti-fat effect too high. Is there a recommended periodicity for cleaning an eBike? Harald Sterzl: The ideal is to do it after each eBike route so that the dirt does not settle. That is to say, whenever it is possible and necessary, since what is tried to avoid is corrosion, for example, on routes through the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. And what preparations should I carry out before washing? Harald Sterzl: The most important thing is to remove the battery and, if possible, remove the screens. Fixed displays, such as the Purion, or remote keys that control an eBike system, should be covered with a cloth or a sheet. What should be done if water enters the battery housing? Harald Sterzl: The accommodation is designed so that the water comes out and the contacts dry. To ensure this, both the housing and the connector area should be kept clean. The contacts are provided with a coating that protects the surface from corrosion and wear. If necessary, terminal grease or petroleum jelly can be applied from time to time.

The ideal is to clean the electric bicycle after each use so that dirt does not accumulate. That is, whenever possible and necessary.

Is it necessary to lubricate the chain of an eBike more frequently than in the case of a bicycle without electric drive? Harald Sterzl:

That depends entirely on the use. No more no less. Normally a chain will be damaged if driving in rural areas or if the changes are not made smoothly. Where should I apply lubricant – on the front or rear gear? Harald Sterzl: Neither one nor the other. With the lubricating products it must be taken into account that they must not reach the brake discs or the ring gear. This means that you only have to apply lubricant where the chain is uncovered. It is advisable to clean the excess lubricant with a cloth or a soft cloth.

What measures should I take to protect my eBike from the inclemency of winter if it is not going to be used for a few weeks or months? Harald Sterzl:

It should be cleaned and lubricated slightly, in addition, I would also apply a specific product to the chain and aluminum parts seen. The battery and screen should be removed and dried, and stored at room temperature, ideally at a temperature between zero and 20 degrees. It is important that the battery has a capacity of 30-60%. What if I’m also in winter traveling with the eBike? Harald Sterzl: Well, you just have to clean the accumulated salt of the water that has splashed or the snow, and dry it well. Do not worry, eBikes are very resistant.

5 tips for the correct care of eBikes:

1. Before cleaning remove the battery and the screens or, if necessary, cover it with a cloth or foil.

2. Use bicycle soap, a brush and a soft sponge and, in no case, use a steam device or high-pressure equipment.

3. When lubricating the drive chain, keep in mind that there is no lubricant in the brake disc.

4. Clean the eBike regularly and do not wait for too much dirt to accumulate.

5. Perform a brief check of operation after washing: is the battery inserted correctly? Does the drive work properly? Does the system react correctly when the key is pressed?

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