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Dear Bike user:

Many Bikes drivers ask the same questions, after buying their electric bicycle: Which Bike model is right for me?

How much energy does the battery consume?

What is the correct way to clean the Bike?

These pages have tips and tricks. It offers information and answers questions about the Bike so you can enjoy driving pleasure even more. All articles are also online at Where new topics are added on a regular basis.

We wish you much enjoy your Bike. The Bosch Bike Systems team.

   What kind of Bike am I?

On weekend excursions, on the way to work or mountain biking: the extra push of the electric drive makes pedaling easier and fun is guaranteed. The market offers more and more models and variants: all categories of bicycles can be “powered electrically”.

But what type of bicycle is right for me? Many people ask this question before acquiring a Bike. It is strongly recommended that a specialized dealer advise on the purchase. It is also necessary to conduct driving tests. But before going to the specialized store, four things should be clear: what distances do I usually travel? Do I need my Bike to connect to the internet? Decide yourself. . . . .

. . . . . . according to your needs:


For beginners we recommend a City bike with an Active Line drive unit from Bosch Ebike Systems. The central engine, moderate and well dosed, has a very convenient strong point. With the geometry of the City * Bike, the ascents and descents will no longer be a problem. In addition, you can sit relaxed and upright. For those who wish to be more involved in climbing routes: the Active Line Pus offers an additional ten Nm of torque.

   With style

The Urban-Bikes are especially stylish and elegant and usually have the new Bosch PowerTube battery built into the frame. The Ative Line (or the Active Line Plus if desired) guarantees the “flow” in urban traffic. In addition, there are more and more Bikes with magnificent retro and nostalgic styles.


There are two options. A electric bicycle, preferably with a Drive Unit Performance Line Speed ​​from Bosch, which provides up to 45 kilometers per hour for an additional drive. Or a folding compact bike to be transported by public transport or by car. A recommended equipment for lovers of technology with the Nyon on-board computer available of all the relevant information always in sight during the journey and you can use your daily journey as training.


. . . . .continues in next Blog
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