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ACTIVE LINE   Take a look

The harmonious eBike system for an extra mobility
Ease of handling and ability for day to day
Your first steps towards a new mobility

The Active Line is perfect for all those who lead an active and mobile life. The agile and harmonious deployment of power of the drive allows a safe and secure driving experience. The intelligent sensor design guarantees a perfectly dosed assistance every single time. The drive unit is also available with function for back-pedal brake with  optional ter

Active Line. Main characteristics

Optimum support: the intelligent concept of three sensors in the Drive Unit ensures optimum support and an unrivaled display of power with more than 1000 measurements per second
Perfect assistance dosi each: optimal balance of forces to each pedalada in routes and more mobility in the day to day, up to a maximum of 25 km / h
Less wear and tear: the detection of the Active Line change process protects the components and contributes to the change of gear
Great versatility: the Active Line can be used in eBikes with chain or bushing change, in which the function for the counter-pedal brake is also optional
Attractive: the design of the Bosch eBike system has been awarded with the Red Dot Awar

Torque more. 50Nm. A high torque provides more assistance when pedaling.
Max. 250% The additional assistance to the cyclist provides a comfortable advance.
Drive Unit 25 km/h. Perfectly dosed assistance for greater daily mobility up to a maximum of 25 km / h.
Function for counterbalancing brake The Active Line is available with function for counterbalancing brake.

Up to 88 km +/-  In combination with the PowerPack 400 in Mix mode and with favorable conditions.

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