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5-12-2016). The coordinator ConBici has presented at the National Congress of the Environment, Conama, a video explaining the reasons that urge the approval of a Strategic Plan of the Bicycle. You can see the video inside the news.

ConBici has made this video of something more than five minutes, explaining the need to implement the Strategic Bicycle Plan. It shows a family that decides to use the bicycle and the advantages it discovers in doing so, establishing an analogy between that family nucleus and the whole of society.

Finally, the audiovisual request that the Manifesto of the Bicycle be subscribed and supplemented with 25-second ‘pills’ that highlight the main arguments and that will be disseminated through social networks.

This work has been financed by PONS Seguridad Vial, by the Diputación de Gipuzkoa and by the Department of Mobility of the City of Valencia.


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