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Because I’m slow?
You have resistance, you can take long routes but you have no way to keep up. Here are guidelines for improvement in a short time.
– Work the power of your legs in a gym or buy some dumbbells to train at home. Do series of 8 to 10 repetitions with the maximum load that you can move with total correction all the repetitions, doing squats, the strides and elevations of twins.
– Start to try changing the pace with the bike. Do them on alternate days to give the body time to recover. Some examples:
– Warm up 10 minutes and tear up, 10 to 15 seconds in length, recovering two minutes between them, Start with five and progress to a maximum of ten to fifteen.
– After the warm up, look for a not very steep rise and put a hard development, which forces you to wear a low cadence, around 50 rpm. Make 10 sets of one minute, recovering another minute in descent and with very smooth pedaling.
– Fartlek: in a more or less random way within your routes make short sections very intense, others at medium pace and other very smooth.

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