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It comes with multiple configuration options, including monoplane and double-plate transmissions, mechanical or electronic change, speeds of 10 and 11, integration of the telescopic seatpost and powerful or almost specific gear ratios for any type of gravel and mountain bike. adventure.



Después de un exhaustivo proceso de investigación, desarrollo y pruebas que ha incorporado la experiencia de ciclistas de todos los niveles en el asfalto y los senderos, Shimano presenta la nueva serie GRX, la primera familia de componentes específicamente diseñada para el ciclismo de grava y aventura, diseñada para rodar rápidamente. y con seguridad sobre grava suelta o superficies de tierra.


GRX ofrece la serie de componentes RX800, RX600 o RX400, con transmisiones 1 × 11, 2 × 11 y 2 × 10, así como opciones de cambio mecánico y electrónico Di2, que permite al ciclista construir a su medida su experiencia en sistemas mixtos. E ir más allá de sus límites habituales en busca de una gama más amplia de tierras.


Kristen Legan and Parker Bloom Gravel Road biking in Kamloops, British Columbia


En el momento de crear esta serie, el equipo de desarrollo de Shimano fue aún más lejos con el objetivo de lanzar una plataforma que cubra las necesidades actuales y futuras de los ciclistas. Ya sea en gravel, ciclismo de aventura, ciclismo en ruta o ciclocross más exigentes, SHIMANO GRX ofrece opciones que van desde engranajes ajustados a gravel, ergonomía personalizada, integración del poste telescópico del asiento y ruedas GRX específicas con perfiles de llanta más amplios.




Al entrar en detalles, GRX incluye tres opciones de juegos de bielas (1 x 11, 2 x 11 o 2 x 10 velocidades), además de desviadores y cambios traseros, disco de puente de freno con opción de palanca de freno en línea e hidráulicas izquierda y derecha STI, que viene con el cambio Di2 y la opción de cambio mecánico.


Estos componentes emplean las tecnologías líderes de las transmisiones SHIMANO, provenientes de la carretera y la montaña, para brindar la precisión en el cambio y la estabilidad que caracteriza a la marca. El resultado con GRX es una transmisión suave y silenciosa que se ha ajustado especialmente a las características de la grava, tanto en relación con el terreno, como a la posición del ciclista y el diseño de la bicicleta.


Looking for maximum simplicity for the user, SHIMANO GRX recommends the cassettes and chains that are already part of its range for MTB (Deore XT, SLX or Deore) or road (Ultegra, 105, Tiagra). In addition to the GRX 800 main series, there are pushbuttons and cranks of the 600 series that combine perfectly with the components of the 800 series and the sets of connecting rod, derailleurs, buttons and brakes for 10 speeds. This means that you can mount any configuration, from a superlight bike to compete to a more economical and powerful bike for leisure trips


Connecting GRX sets:


The GRX cranksets are designed for different terrains and styles; all bring a chain line with + 2,5mm for wider tires and greater distance to the frame. Monoplate cranks offer the simplicity of the unique change in the rear cassette (options include the RX800 / 600 40T and RX800 42T cassettes) and feature Shimano Dynamic Chain Engagement profile teeth on the front plate that provide greater chain retention on rough terrain . Likewise, the RX810 double-plate GRX rod carries a jump of 17 teeth, at 48-31T, which is the broadest ratio developed by the brand so far. Together with the additional options RX600-11 / 10 46-30T, the double-wishbins provide sufficiently wide gear ratios to attack the steepest slopes.



GRX front derailleurs (FD): (FD): 


Complementing the connecting rods, the Di2 (FD-RX815) or mechanical derailleurs (FD-RX810 / RX400) have 2.5mm more space for wider tires (up to 42mm), to tackle harder terrain. The GRX derailleurs must be combined with the SHIMANO GRX + 2,5mm cranks. Both series RX800, mechanical and Di2, are designed to work with the jump of 17 teeth of the front plate 48-31T, while the FD-RX400 of 10 speeds is adjusted with the plate of 16 teeth of the crankset RX600 46-30T for 10 speeds. All derailleurs deliver the legendary performance characteristic of SHIMANO. SHIMANO Di2 derailleurs can be adjusted perfectly using the simple integrated controls, while the mechanics provide an extremely light shift feel, thanks to its curved ergonomics, a design that allows more wiring options and a screw for the integrated cable that facilitates an adjustment simple and precise.



Rear shift GRX (RD):


Adopting the technology introduced in 2018 in the rear changes, the GRX Di2 rear derailleur (RD-RX815 / RX817) have been designed to make silent, smooth and reliable changes on difficult terrain thanks to the SHADOW RD + chain stabilization system, which minimizes unnecessary arm movement and provides uninterrupted performance. GRX comes with four options, depending on the cassette and the gear change you prefer. Cyclists using the 11-30 / 34T cassette with Ultegra, 105 or Tiagra, will need the rear derailleur Di2 RD-RX815 or the mechanical RD-RX810, while those who opt for the cassette 11-40 / 42 for Deore XT, SLX or Deore will need to use the Di2 RD-RX817 or the RD-RX812 mechanic, both with a cable pull similar to that of SHIMANO road changes.



GRX STI handles:


The action of change in the GRX is possible thanks to a levers of ergonomics specific for gravel (Di2: ST-RX815 or mechanical: ST-RX810 / RX600 / RX400, ST-RX810-LA) in which it emphasizes a pivot axis of handle located 18mm higher, a curved profile of the handle and a textured and non-slip finish that can be safely operated rolling on rough terrain.


To integrate the use of the telescopic seat post into the gravel, SHIMANO has created the hydraulic brake lever for the ST-RX810-LA disc which, used in conjunction with the 1 × 11 transmission, allows to control the telescopic seatpost without entangling the driving position with one more lever. The integrated cable pull system has a 9mm stroke. that handles the telescopic seatpost with a cable terminal inserted in the handle. The SHIMANO GRX also offers left hydraulic brake levers without change mechanisms or for the telescopic seatpost within the RX800 and RX600 ranges in their 1 × 11 configurations. The left handle ST-RX15 (1 × 11 Di2) has three buttons, two side and one top) to handle auxiliary functions of third-party devices such as lights or cycle computers.


GRX brake systems:


One of the main concerns of the gravel cyclist is having enough braking force that allows him to control the speed in very steep descents or in those that appear suddenly. That is why, at the top of the GRX range, one of the variants of the levers of the RX800 series (ST-RX815) offers the Servo Wave technology coming from the Shimano mountain brakes. It will give us a more powerful braking sensation and more modulation for a more aggressive driving. If you prefer the RX810 option without Servo Wave or the levers of the RX600 and RX400 series, they will still provide sufficient braking capacity at the level of the Ultegra, 105 or Tiagra discs, respectively.


Another option to consider within braking, is the sub-brake hydraulic brake BL-RX812-L / R that connects to the main brake line that goes to both the rear and front brake calipers. This sub handle is designed to be mounted on the handlebar and close to the power, which makes it an option when you have your hands on the top of the handlebar.


The brake calipers of the GRX BR-RX810 / 400 range have the same design as the Shimano flatmount brake calipers, which inherit high performance and performance, such as One-Way Bleed in one-way ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat in the pads and discs to offer an efficient cooling that allows a stable performance and for longer.


Wheels Specific for Gravel:


To perfect the experience, Shimano welcomes the innovative spirit of gravel with two sets of 12mm through axle wheels inspired by the gravel / adventure field (WH-RX570-TL-F12 / R12). These tubeless-ready wheels of 700c or 650c (no boost) mean an excellent balance between weight, rigidity and durability for gravel. The throat width is 21.6mm., Similar to the MTB, and one has vertical lag in the 22mm rim.

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